Safety Safety and health in our company must be a part of every operation. Without question, it is every employee’s responsibility at all levels. We will maintain a safety and health program conforming to the best practices of organizations of this type. To be successful, such a program must embody the proper attitudes toward injury and illness prevention on the part of supervisors and employees. It also requires cooperation in all safety and health matters, not only between supervisors and employees, but also between employees and their co-workers. Only through such a cooperative effort can an effective safety and health program be established and preserved.

overnight delivery of clonazepam Safety for the well-being of our employees, citizens and surroundings of the communities in which we work has consistently been one of our firm’s focal points. Our strong belief in workplace Health and Safety is supported by the following:
  • Written safety and health programs
  • Management’s commitment and expectations of adherence to the program
  • Colleague participation
  • Resources to meet safety and health program requirements
  • Project specific Safety Activity Plans
  • Weekly safety meetings for field supervisors and colleagues
  • Hazard recognition and control
  • Meeting contractor requirements of the OSHA Process Safety Management of Highly Hazardous Chemicals
  • Substance abuse program including pre-employment and random testing
  • Graded and non-graded background checks
  • ISN # 400-182596